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Any story that begins with a blonde, a redhead and a brunette has to have a happy ending, lol! Well, just so happens that these three smoking hot babes are having some fun by the pool, splashing water all over each other while enjoying a weekend getaway with no cocks allowed! Hey, that doesn’t mean they don’t get to have sex, after all, there’s plenty of pussy to go around in this hot lesbian threesome! The girls abandon the pool and take to the shade, where the brunette spreads her legs and feels the redhead’s tongue fucking her cunt while the blonde plays with her tits and sucks on her tender nipples. The brunette grinds and sways her hips in response to the redhead’s oral stimulation and makes her get down on all fours, so she can fuck her ass with her tongue while the blonde sticks several digits into her wet slit. The redhead loves getting her salad tossed by her friend while getting masturbated and she spreads her legs so the brunette can shove all fingers inside her snatch while open mouth kissing and swapping tongue. When it’s the blonde’s turn to get serviced, she gets her legs spread by the redhead from behind and the brunette goes down on her pussy, licking her snatch like it’s dessert while the blonde and redhead swap passionate wet kisses. Watch naked blonde down on all fours, getting her asshole fucked by the blonde’s tongue while her pussy gets finger fucked by the brunette. These three naked girls are having the most awesome lesbian threesome! Three naked girls are enjoying a Sunny day poolside, awesome! What a great lesbian threesome. Hall of Fame lesbian scene. Intimate and genuine. LOVED all the mouth to mouth and tongue kissing. Girls, this video make your pussy cum three times and she will still boiling…

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Who hotter Blondes or Brunettes? Check out these two hot naked girls to find out who wins this age old dispute of blonde vs brunette! These two smoking hot babes make this guy understand brunettes are better than blondes: My best friend and I are both brunettes and we have this male friend in common, who swears that blondes are way hotter than dark haired babes, so we decided to prove him wrong! We invited him over to our place for a steamy threesome fuck and I caressed his beautiful balls with my finger tips while my friend rode his throbbing hard cock! My pussy was soaking wet from watching her ride his dick while he groped her big tits and I just couldn’t wait for my turn to ride that hard cock and feel it inside me, it made my mouth and snatch get wet in anticipation! Finally it was my turn and I straddled myself atop that beautiful, delicious dick with my back and juicy round ass facing him and rode it hard and fast. I squatted on his prodigal dick and my naked friend sat on his face so he could eat out her tender twat while fucking my pussy. I bent over so he could bang me from behind, I wanted him to fuck me doggie style like a dirty little bitch while my friend watched us! She spread my ass cheeks apart with her hands, exposing my asshole while he pumped my cunt with his dick meat. He put me down on all fours on the couch, with my friend on top of me, so he could take turns fucking the both of us, so fucking hot and sexy! After this he was ready to pull out of our pussies and blow his creamy load all over our faces and tits! He confessed that we made him change his mind, brunettes are indeed the hottest chicks on his fuck book from now on, baby!

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This dude’s favorite time of year is Christmas, because there is not one office holiday party in which he doesn’t get laid! Right now, the petite blonde from Human Resources is flirting with him, which makes the tall brunette from Advertising quite jealous. She puts on a mistletoe headband and gets between them, giving the petite blonde a hot kiss on the lips. He joins in and the girls start making out while the rest of her coworkers watch them! He bets his pals are so fucking jealous, these are two of the hottest girls in the office, if not THE hottest! The party gets while when the girls get down on their knees, pulling down his pants, releasing his big throbbing member. The sluts are in awe at how big, thick and hard it is! The biggest dick in the office indeed! The petite blonde is the first to pop it in her wet mouth and starts sucking it, stroking the big shaft and passing it over to her sexy friend so she can get a taste of it too. After all, isn’t Christmas about sharing? He takes turns fucking their mouths, pushing his huge cock down their throats and making the girls choke and gag on it, while the onlookers move away so they can have some privacy for their office holiday party threesome fuck! He lies flat on his back, with the naked brunette sitting on his face so he can eat her out while the naughty blonde straddles herself on top of his hard cock and rides him in cowgirl position. She is so hot! I love tiny and skinny girls! After a while the naked girls change positions, now the blonde is getting her cunt fucked with his tongue while the brunette rides on his hard cock in reverse cowgirl, grinding her juicy bubble butt on his lap. She leans back so the sexy blonde can fondle her big tits while kissing her neck and shoulders. They make out passionately as he puts the brunette down on her hands and knees, with the blonde on top of her and starts taking turns fucking their wet pussies doggie style from behind. He puts the naked girls sideways, fucking the brunette while she makes out with her hot blonde friend, finally blowing his hot and creamy cum all over their faces. It’s a vision of a hot holiday threesome to dance in your head, especially when the girls pass a big load of cum back and forth! Their holiday party threesome will be the water cooler topic for weeks!

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This guy decides to try out a sauna bath for the first time in his life with his sexy blonde wife. He doesn’t really understand the point of sitting in a small wooden room filled with steam and sweating like a turkey in the oven, but he wants to indulge his wife, who’s been asking for this for quite some time and just get it off the tray. When they enter the small sauna room he immediately sees they are not alone. A smoking hot naked woman is sitting there, drenched in sweat running down her beautiful big tits. Hey, maybe this sauna deal wasn’t such a bad idea after all, LOL! His wife sits by her side and he sits in the deck below them. He is clearly smitten by the totally naked and uber hot woman in the sauna, who is ferociously flirting with him in turn. As hard as he tries, he can’t stop looking at the her tits! Even more so when the naked brunette moves to add some water to the steamer, letting the wet towel slide off her body, she’s gorgeous! His wife lies on her back and places a wet towel over her eyes and decides to relax and soak up the steam while the naughty brunette spreads her legs and starts rubbing her wet muff, masturbating right in front of him! His dick is getting so big and hard, but that’s alright, because as soon as the brunette stops working on her pussy, she gets to work on his dick, sucking and stroking it, mixing her saliva with the sweat and precum from his cock! He caresses her sweaty body and her big tits as she leans over so he can penetrate and fuck her from behind, right next to his wife! She’s pushing her juicy bubble butt back against his dick, impaling her tight asshole on it right when his wife busts them! He begs his wife not to go away mad… while still butt fucking the brunette! He starts banging the shit out of the slut as soon as the angry wife leaves. Oh well, he has to finish what he started so he licks the brunette’s asshole, rimming her and straddling her on top of his lap, so she can ride his hard sausage while pushing her big sweat soaked tits against his chest. He pounds her dripping wet pussy and her tight asshole in several different positions and cums all over her sweaty face and tits, happy his wife convinced him to take a steam bath!

Hot brunette squeezes her moist pussy lips together to make them pout

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Hot brunette pulls her sexy panties tight up between her lips to floss her pussy. Then she peels her panties off and shows you her crack bare naked. After fiddling with her breasts for a while Viva turns and puts her bum in your face and does some really fabulous ass spreading. Viva shows off her private parts on the couch. Her vagina has a very nice natural moistness that gradually finds it way out over her lips. Viva wraps her fingers around the outside of her moist pussy lips to squeeze them together making them pout.

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